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Adoptive Web Designing Adoptive layout design taken start from (800 x 600) resolution in 1998 and became a standard of website resolutions. Then the beginning of year 2004 (1024 x 768) resolution became the standard and Table mixed DIV tags was the standard of Coding, and later in 2009 (1280 x 996) and DIV tags became new generation of website resolution and coding. But on mobile devices it was hard to read the contents of the website on mobile devices e.g. inmate, windows mobile, blackberry etc. Adoptive website design takes its start from Frames structure using MS FrontPage. Then it got shifted in Dreamweaver environment with TABLE base html coding with all inline CSS. After a few years DIV Tags introduced and they become the standard of Website Designing Companies around the world. Table and DIV type coding is the standard in these days for HTML implementations. Adoptive technology has reached on the max-width container of 1280px resolution. This method of coding based on margin: auto; for main containers/wrapper and all inner DIV on float attribute. This way of coding carries a fixed width of main div and all inner DIVs that even if a single pixel is increased whole the design move to down wards. While coding in Adoptive structure, calculation of pixels is always being continued in mind all the way of coding the template, I Frames was an outstanding increment in adoptive structure after Frames old method usually utilized for external pages data preview in any website page. I Frames got popularity at a high level and it helps out the coders from Java Scripts confliction on any html page. Indeed, Adoptive Design is also being used around 50% in all the web designing work by website designing companies worldwide. Responsive Web Designing Responsive grid system has buried the old Adoptive fixed width method of coding, 75% users who developing their websites are switching to responsive layout of website designing. As word Responsive explain its myth, means it adjusts automatically on any resolution especially on Touch Mobiles, Tablets etc. It works on Grid System based on Media Queries controlled by CSS. No matter if using Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Touch Phone all the stuff could be seen easily. Real Web Idea keeps your website on responsive layout using fluid grids, flexible Images, CSS media queries and screen resolutions. We are also working as a Website Designing Company. More to understand about responsive; its single URL is being used for Desktop as well as on Tablet and Mobile. That is why users can share on their social media profiling pages etc. Even for Google indexing through webmaster only 1 website URL will be indexed for contents. It’s easy for Google to find your website data/content in better way that reduced the Organic SEO cost for website owners. Now they just pay for 1 URL bases SEO for all mobiles and desktops/laptops. Responsive website designing is a method that trigger that whole the website should respond as per the current screen resolution accordingly on mobiles either you keep its view as Portrait or Landscape, it auto adjusts the contents altogether automatically. Fill out Signup, sign in and Inquiry forms on mobile devices using different websites was a hassle procedure due to its unfocused view on mobile.